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2022-05-24 20:56

Liuzhou Hengda Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxing Industrial Park, Liuzhou, Guangxi, an important industrial town in Southwest China. It is a modern enterprise integrating "R & D, production and sales" of diesel engines and generator sets.

The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of diesel engines, generator sets and various spare parts of diesel engines. We have a team of experts who research and develop diesel engines and generator sets. We have long cooperated with domestic scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. On the basis of our own technology, we have widely absorbed the advanced technology of diesel engines at home and abroad. With advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, perfect testing means and quality assurance system, we pay attention to product innovation to continuously improve our quality. Since its establishment, we have an annual production capacity of 20000 diesel engines and generator sets.

According to the market demand, the company cooperates closely with many enterprises to independently develop and produce biogas generating units, natural gas generating units, gas generating units, biogas generating units, coke oven gas generating units, etc. This series of generator sets uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum associated gas, biogas, carbon black tail gas and other gases as fuels. It is a new generator set integrating the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. It has the characteristics of quick start, convenient use and maintenance, long service life, and can adapt to various harsh environments for field operations. In addition, it also has a perfect automatic protection device, which can achieve unattended operation.

Liuzhou Hengda Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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